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If owning your own pool seems like a dream, then you've come to the right place. Easton Pool & Spa are the experts at making that dream a reality. We have decades of experience in making sure that the pool we build for you is the pool you’ve always dreamed of...and more. And we accomplish that by working with you every step of the way, from the initial design phase, right through to installation. Our experience shines in our personal service, our second-to-none construction process, and in the quality of the final product.

This close partnership ensures that each step, right down to the smallest detail, meets with your total approval. It's the kind of quality and service that's not only brought us top industry awards for our work, but also a large and devoted roster of clients. We invite you to give our sales team a call, and let them show you what we can do to transform your backyard into a great backyard!

Customer Reviews for Easton Pool

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At Easton Pool & Spa we make every effort to provide pool customers with exceptional service. Whether you are in the market for a new inground pool, a replacement liner or service on your existing pool, we are ready to help! But don't just take our word for it, find out what Easton Pool & Spa customers are saying or click on the GuildQuality Member icon below for more customer reviews.

What our Customers Are Saying...
Review from CHRIS D.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the staff and quality.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Mike. He was exceptional.

Current Referrals: I have already given your name to several people, one who you are currently working with

Areas For Improvement: All went well
Areas Of Satisfaction: Customer service and closing crew were great

Areas Of Satisfaction: We are extremely pleased with the final product. The sales cycle was excellent and the 3-D design was an amazing tool to help us really picture it. The installation was as expected with just a 2-3 weeks delay due to contractors and another 1-2 weeks due to weather. Not bad at all. I am very happy with the end result and am would be a reference for any future prospective customers.
Recognized Excellence: Mike Santel's service has been excellent. He makes himself available and replies quickly to questions. I believe he goes above and beyond expectations in providing service. Thank you!On the contractors side I was impressed with Matt Nelson and Jason Haddigan.

Areas Of Satisfaction: Very customer focused and knowledgeable. Subcontractors were all good. Their process seems to be organized and internal communication appears to be solid
Recognized Excellence: I like Tara, Mike, and Matt all good

Areas Of Satisfaction: We were completely satisfied and impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise from all of the staff at Easton. From our initial consultation down to the start up, Easton staff was knowledgeable, pleasant and honest.

Areas Of Satisfaction: They did meticulous work and the product came out beautiful. They worked with me well through the design stage. When I called with issues they was out the very next day.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I am the most satisfied with the design and the installation. It was all great and it looks beautiful.

Areas Of Satisfaction: What stands out to me the most is that for a job of this size and because we made several last minute changes, there were bound to be some issues. When an issue did come up it was addressed immediately.

Professional & Organized: I would give you a 5 if I could!
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Dave for his exceptional service, he was great. All of the people we interacted with were really terrific.

Areas Of Satisfaction: Easy to work with and understood our needs and expectations.
Recognized Excellence: Dave Hobaica was extremely responsive whenever there was a concern and couldn't have been easier to work with. We also thought Mike Hinchey from Guerrinis was spot on with his design and always provided great suggestions based in our need.
Additional Comments: Thanks for the great work! We have been really enjoying it this summer.

Areas Of Satisfaction: Great communication, quality and value.
Additional Comments: Enjoying the pool very much anf looking forward to recommending Easton Pools

Recognized Excellence: Dave is responsive and understands the customers needs. Jim in the Walpole store is very helpful.

Areas Of Satisfaction: Dave did a great job explaining the process and what to expect as well as what our budget should look like even for things beyond just the pool. This was extremely helpful.
Recognized Excellence: Terry did a nice job with the education on how to care for our pool and all the other important in doc training elements.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the overall job. Everything went perfect.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize the owner, he was very professional.

Areas Of Satisfaction: They created the perfect pool for our home. There is no way I could have made all those decisions without help.
Recognized Excellence: They are all very hard working and helpful

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied that from day one to the end there was someone there to help me and answer any questions I had.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Mike in service, Tara in marketing, Dave the owner, the office staff, Tyler and the guys who tested my water, and Matt in service for their exceptional service. The entire staff works together as team, and I really like the size of the company and that I get to know the employees.

Recognized Excellence: Mike Santell is fantastic. The guy who showed us how to work everything is also great.

Sales Knowledge: From start to finish and every step along the way, there was constant communication. I was never in doubt of where we were in the project and what timing was to completion.
Areas Of Satisfaction: Having never owned a pool, I was pleased that time was spent to go over the multiple options and spent on educating me to what was available. Post sale, every interaction with them is positive. From the opening and closing of the pool, occasional service call and interactions with the stores, I am always left feeling positive. They work real hard and being attentive and definitely work hard at keeping your business and showing their appreciation for being a valued customer.
Additional Comments: All in all a classy, well run, well organized, customer-centric company. They are a pleasure to do business with and recommend them every chance I get. AAA+++

Areas Of Satisfaction: Clear timeline, providing options to select for stone, liner, pool equipment, etc. Also had terry come out and kick us off as far as the opening and he was awesome.

Areas Of Satisfaction: They were professional and curtious from start to finish.

Areas For Improvement: Really everything ran smoothly as far as timetables, materials, workmanship, etc. I kind of expected some delays just because of the nature of the job but we never had any. We even pushed them a bit at the end, so we could open the pool for a family party. They got it done.
Areas Of Satisfaction: All areas were above satisfactory. From our first meeting with Dave til the pool being filled. Everything was top notch. They worked one on one with our Landscaper and that was a concern of mine as far as time tables go, but never a delay. And I guess thats what was most satisfying, Dave & Easton really laid out a plan for us & it was followed to the T. This was a stress free project, not sure many people can say that.
Additional Comments: I should mention the Retail staff as well is very knowledgeable & can help with any water issues you may be experiencing.

Quality Of Workmanship: We are very proud of our pool area. The results exceeded expectations.
Areas Of Satisfaction: The final product is amazing. Our raised beam effect and cabana are the best.

Areas Of Satisfaction: Having spent the past 18 months building a home I came into contact with many sub contractors. Easton was by far the most professional and responsive among all of the companies that I dealt with.

Areas For Improvement: They have yet to fall short in expectations, they have met all goals in which we had laid out prior to the project starting
Areas Of Satisfaction: They where willing to step out side the box to give there personal opinion in what was a difficult lay out, making the process a bit smoother
Recognized Excellence: The attention to detail in which Dave an Mike took in my back yard before we even began to dig the pool was above and beyond my expectations
Additional Comments: Dealing with Easton Pool has become as easy as calling on a friend to give you a hand. They made us feel like we where there only project at that time, Tim

Areas For Improvement: We were completely satisfied with install and service
Areas Of Satisfaction: Timetable was right on schedule and we could keep subcontractors on time
Recognized Excellence: The complete staff from receptionist to water del person where great

Areas Of Satisfaction: These guys are great. I'd definitely hire them again. They did an outstanding job. They finished a pool from start to finish in 5 weeks. Easton Pools is the best.
Recognized Excellence: The whole crew was great. Dave, the owner, was outstanding.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I am most satisfied with Dave, the owner and Terry, who showed us how to open and care for the pool.
Recognized Excellence: Terry and Dave provided exceptional service.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I wasn't there for the insttallation, but I was very satisfied that the job was not drawn out. They had plenty workers on hand to complee it and I was very appreciative of that.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The quality of the liner is excellent as is it's appearance. Also, the job proceeded quickly and smoothly.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The time table was correct, and you can't beat that!
Recognized Excellence: Matt, who helped us, provided exceptional service.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The quality of the work was great.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the quality of the work, and their communication.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the sales presentation, and the beginning of the installation.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Dave Hobaica.

Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Matt from the liner department and all of the retail store employees for their exceptional service.

Additional Comments: Great work and experience, thanks a lot guys.. Rich Cowen Vista Group Inc. Marthas Vineyard

Areas Of Satisfaction: We were happy in all areas. The pool looks great and we liked how they came in town to fix everything.

Recognized Excellence: Dave - he was great to work with, provided the proper advice and recommendations when needed, was a trusted advisor throughout the project

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied that the look of the pool is better than I thought it would be.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with their personalities. It was nice dealing with them.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was very satisfied with the professionalism of the company and happy with the end results. The whole things went very smoothly. I am most satisfied with appearance, because I have not been able to use the pool yet.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Dave. He was very professional and watched his people work. The crew really worked together and used team work. They all did their jobs and did not get in each other's way. Clearly they knew what they were doing and that was impressive.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with their responsiveness. Easton Pool & Spa's communication was really good and they were very responsive whenever I had a question or problem.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Dave for his exceptional service.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The whole experience was very good. We are happy with everything. We are most satisfied with the design and how they worked with me and my ideas, and assisting in that.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Dave for his exceptional service.
Additional Comments: Exceptional company. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a pool.

Areas Of Satisfaction: They were great. The construction crew did a quality job.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The employees I interacted with were professional and helpful from the project lead to the service manager to the gentlemen that work in the retail store in Easton. Dave H., the project lead was very responsive and accommodating to my numerous requests, questions and just general inquiries no matter how much of a pain I was. He made available other pools. patios and various design elements for me to see which allowed me to make informed decisions.

Areas Of Satisfaction: Impressed by their ability to maintain a tight schedule and work efficiently in terms of getting what they needed from me.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The whole experience was pleasant.

Sales Knowledge: Dave from Easton Pool and Spa was fantastic! We told he him what we would like and gave him our budget. Dave discussed things that would and wouldn't work, tweaked our plan and made it work within our budget.
Installation Crew: The crew was at my house when they said they would be and did what they said they were going to do.
Areas Of Satisfaction: I was happy with the entire process. I have a small yard with difficult access, but Easton Pool and Spa made it work. I am delighted with the finished product!
Recognized Excellence: Everyone at Easton Pool and Spa does a great job!

Areas Of Satisfaction: Our service was good.
Recognized Excellence: They were all good people.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I have never had an in-ground pool, so the company was great with teaching me how to clean and take care of it. Their maintenance and service departments are amazing.
Recognized Excellence: Michael our service guy was great.
Additional Comments: I think they are a great company!

Areas Of Satisfaction: Everything went well from start to finish.
Recognized Excellence: Mike the Service Director was great.

Installation Crew: They were rediciouly organized. They were here and installed 2 hours prior to water delivery. It was done properly and there were not glitches.
Areas Of Satisfaction: The pool itself is installed well, done the way it should've been done, it looks great & we get lots of compliments. They have very good relationships with all their subcontractors, and everything happens as it should. It was all very well executed, for example the subcontractors called me to set up appointment time. The company is great at building relationships, and treat their subcontracts and customers well. All their workers the employed at the job site were always nice and polished.
Recognized Excellence: I cannot remember his name at the time, but he was there to set up all the piping, filter, pump and motor. Then one day I had an issue where I was doing something wrong, and he came out right away to help me.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the final product from Easton Pool & Spa. It look's beautiful. They did a great job of explaining how it works.
Recognized Excellence: I would like to recognize Terry at Easton Pool & Spa for his exceptional service.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied that they did exactly what they said they were going to do from beginning to end. They stayed ahead of schedule, and they were there to answer any questions I had. They never made me feel like I was being a pain in the neck.
Recognized Excellence: David provides exceptional service. I would also recognize Matt. The whole family did a great job.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I'm satisfied with the quality of the construction and the overall product. From beginning to end, the pool itself is just outstanding. I have several neighbors that also put in pools recently. One is an experienced poolbuilder himself, and when he saw the job that Easton did on our pool he commented on how they did a better job on my pool than the other companies did on the other pools around the neighborhood.
Recognized Excellence: Dave was easy to deal with. I kind of expect that from the owner. The lady that answers the phone -- I think her name is Diane -- was very helpful as well. The lead guys were out there every step of the way, especially when pouring the pool and doing the liner. They were very helpful and able to answer questions. I didn't have a negative experience with any of their people, and I think Diane stand out.
Additional Comments: It was a positive experience overall, and I would go with them again if I ever needed to buy another pool.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The courtesy of the teams and the fact that they went above and beyond to keep our yard clean once we had placed grass seed and they had to come back to install the light. They actually raked the area where they had to walk....that was impressive!! I was also thrilled that the job was complete before the 4th of July as promised. Wow...

Areas Of Satisfaction: service was outstanding - ladder stair came off and Easton pool came same dayhad questions regarding vaccumm and Easton Pool came same day - superior customer service - so responsive and polite
Current Referrals: one of our neighbors asked if we would recommend you and we said yes

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the design, because it was creative and Dave did a great job.
Recognized Excellence: Mike and Dave both did a great job.

Sales Knowledge: Dave was great!
Areas Of Satisfaction: Friendly on site workers, quality of installation. Willingness to resolve any issues that came up. Prompt service calls. Easy design process.
Additional Comments: Thanks for our great pool!

Areas For Improvement: They didn't fall short anywhere.
Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the overall project.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I appreciated the punctuality that they adhered to and the timeline.

Areas Of Satisfaction: The schedule was kept, no surprises or delays ....and the final product looks great.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I am completely satisfied. Those guys are top notch, no question. I was most satisfied with the overall leadership, professionalism, and business acumen. From the sales all the way to the install team to the communication to the marketing, these people are phenomenal.
Recognized Excellence: Dave Hobaica, the president of the company, and his brother Bob provide exceptional service. The rest of the installation and service team were A-1, top-notch. Tara Sullivan in marketing was also excellent.

Areas Of Satisfaction: I was most satisfied with the actual pool.
Recognized Excellence: Dave was fantastic to work with.

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Pocasset will close for the season on Saturday, September 29, 2018.
Easton and Walpole will close for the season on Saturday November 17, 2018

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